Acacia Melanoxylon

Also known as Tasmanian Blackwood, Black Wattle

Blackwood Timber Flooring

Blackwood is a fine timber for bespoke projects where a ‘designer’ feel is called-for. The timber can exhibit a reddish tint and occasional black streaks which add to Blackwood’s distinctive and sometimes wavy grain.

Blackwood Colour Range:

Tasmanian Blackwood presents a natural lustre, with colours ranging from light golden browns to deeper hues, with occasional red-pink tinting and black streaks. The grain can be straight or wavy.
Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of the growth rings. Sometimes reddish streaks are also present. Grain usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing a fiddleback figure.

Blackwood Flooring Features:

It provides a welcome addition to the architect’s and craftsman’s design palette.

Blackwood grows throughout Tasmania’s native forests from sea level to about one thousand metres, but it is in the state’s temperate north-west that it thrives.

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