Eucalyptus diversicolor

Karri Timber Flooring

Karri Colour Range:

Karri is a lustrous timber known for its distinctive red-brown heartwood, which is lighter in colour than jarrah. Its sapwood grows in a narrow band, and is pale and easily distinguished from the heartwood.

Karri Flooring Features:

Karri timber has an appealing golden appearance. The heartwood varies from reddish browns through to pale pink hues with the sapwood being a clearly distinguishable creamy white. It is moderately durable, but resists impregnation with preservatives or other treatments. The sapwood is susceptible to borer attack and is known to be susceptible to termites.

Karri is a hardwood timber native to Australia. With its durability and distinctive red hues it is suited to a broad range of applications. Karri trees are native to the southwest corner of Western Australia.